Jean Dufaux


Jean Dufaux has always told stories that bring together words and images. Initially attracted by the 7th art, he studied film production at the Institut des Arts et Diffusion in Brussels. But words remained such an important part of his life that he became a journalist, playwright and novelist, before once and for all embracing his true calling as a comic book author. Over his career, Jean Dufaux has produced a massive body of work, comprising some 200 titles and counting. His work is original and fiercely independent of trends, holding more complexity than might be apparent at first glance: Croisade (Le Lombard; Crusade, Cinebook/Europe Comics), Complainte des landes perdues (Dargaud; Lament of the Lost Moors, Cinebook 2013), Barracuda (Dargaud; Cinebook in English 2013), Djinn (Dargaud; Insight Editions in English 2018), Murena (Dargaud; Europe Comics 2015), Rapaces (Dargaud; Raptors, Europe Comics 2015), Sortilèges (Dargaud; Spellbound, Europe Comics 2015), Loup de Pluie (Dargaud; Rain Wolf, Europe Comics 2016), Dixie Road (Dargaud; Europe Comics 2017), Double masque (Dargaud; Game of Masks, Europe Comics 2017), Saga Valta (Le Lombard, Europe Comics in English), Conquistador (Glénat)... The list goes on. This immense mosaic that rejects neither the exhilaration of the paperback novel nor the narrative ellipses of cinema aims above all to be a work of pleasure and of enchantment, in the fantastic and occult sense of the term. His wildly successful series, selling millions of copies and garnering numerous prizes and awards, have been published across Europe, Japan, and the United States. Jean Dufaux is president of the jury for the Diagonale Prize, awarded annually in Belgium to outstanding comic book artists, and in France he was named a Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres in 2009.

Country of origin: Belgium Europe Comics Publisher: Dargaud (France)