4. We Who Are About to Die

Script by Jean Dufaux - Art by Philippe Delaby

The shadows of the crucified stretch over the empire, while rumors spread like wildfire throughout all Rome. It looks like Nero, the new emperor, did indeed poison his half-brother, Britannicus. Agrippina, in order to win the favor of her own son, is willing to open her bed to him. But Nero has eyes only for Acte, the beautiful prostitute whom he freed from the clutches of Pallas, the freed slave. Nero asks Acte to give word to Murena that he is pardoned, and that there is nothing stopping him from returning to Rome. But that’s not all Murena wants… he also asks of his sovereign to give him Draxus’ head… Draxus, who killed his mother… Draxus, who was acting on Agrippina’s orders…