3. Indian Cycle

Script by Jean Dufaux - Art by Ana Miralles

This collected edition features volumes 10 through 13 of the best-selling erotica series, as well as exclusive new content, including lavishly illustrated behind-the-scenes accounts by the authors. 

The third and final cycle of the series takes place in-between the events of the Ottoman and African cycles. Against a backdrop of colonial occupation, Jade and the Nelson family have been invited to India by the Rani of Eschnapur, the mother of the soon-to-be-wed maharaja. The Rani has called upon Jade to share her seductive talents with the bride-to-be—the daughter of an anti-colonialist leader—in order to bewitch and manipulate her pro-British fiancé. But Jade soon discovers that a terrible curse is menacing the palace and royal family… Discover the thrilling final chapter of a saga marked by mystery and desire.