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Welcome to Europecomics.com, a collaborative project of following companies:

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which does business as Europe Comics, and which will be referred to here as Europe Comics or by words such as us, we, or our.

Project coordinator

Mediatoon Licensing – Foreign Rights Department

Website design and management

Mediatoon Licensing is responsible for the day-to-day editorial, graphical and technical maintenance of the Europe Comics’ website: www.europecomics.com

The website has been developed with WORDPRESS, open source software under the The GPLv2 (or later) license from the Free Software Foundation.

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Writing to the Webmaster

For any query, comment or suggestion about europecomics.com, please contact the webmaster at contact@europecomics.com.

The webmaster cannot reply to specific requests or requests that concern matters other than the strict administrative or technical management of the website.

Image and artwork credits

Artwork and photographs published on the Europecomics.com may be taken from various sources, please see credits.

If no credit is indicated, by default, the autor shall be referred as Europe Comics.

For any reproduction request — picture, artwork, text, graphics, photos, videos and any other document — please contact us.

Reproduction rights

All pictures and artworks on Europecomics.com are covered by copyright. Any reproduction is therefore subject to the publisher’s express written consent in accordance with Article L.122-4 of the French Intellectual Property Code.
Requests for permission to reproduce content should be sent to Mediatoon Foreign Rights by email at reprint.mfr@mediatoon.com.

All texts and infographics created by Europe Comics are covered under a Creative Commons licence and may be freely reproduced under the following conditions:

  • attribution: you must attribute the work as indicated by the author of the work or the owner of the rights. Attribution shall not, in any way, suggest that the content endorse you or your use of the Work,
  • non-commercial use: you may not use this work for commercial purposes,
  • no derivative works: you do not have the right to modify, transform, adapt, crop, publish (whether digitally or in print) or distribute this Work.

For any further information please contact Mediatoon Foreign Rights at: contact.mfr@mediatoon.com

Hypertext links to Europecomics.com

Any website may, without prior written permission, post a link — including a deep link — to the information provided by Europecomics.com

For websites, the authorised reproduction of content must clearly state the document’s origin in the form of an internet address: www.europecomics.com

The mention “All rights reserved” should be added at the bottom of each page.

“Deep links” pointing directly to the referred document should be preferred to the reproduction of content. Explicit mention of the website in the title of the link is recommended.

No prior permission is needed to post links to Europecomics.com, however, please do inform Europe Comics at contact@europecomics.com.

Europe Comics cannot be held liable for any content published on third part websites. The content of these third part websites is the sole responsability of their owners and team, it may not reflect Europe Comics’ views and opinions.

Websites that choose to point towards www.europecomics.com may be held liable if they harm the site’s image.

Hypertext links proposed by Europecomics.com

Many links to other websites are proposed by Europecomics.com.

In any case, Europe Comics cannot be held responsible for the content published on these third part websites. The content of these third part websites is the sole responsability of their owners and team, it may not reflect Europe Comics’ views and opinions.

The only purpose of these hypertext links posted by Europecomics.com is to make it easier for Internet users to find other documentary resources on the subject consulted.


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If you have any questions concerning these terms and conditions of use, please write to Europe Comics at the following address:
Mediatoon Licensing – Europe Comics

57 rue Gaston Tessier

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