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November 9, 2015

Continuing from Part 1…

The next 10 titles that we released on November 10th offer even more of the famous European comics variety, as in this selection we have something for children and comic strip-lovers too.

The children’s title which is actually more of an ‘all ages’ and/or ‘comedy’ title is Pico Bogue. Pico is a special ten-year old, who, with his sister Anna, spends his time expressing his deeply phiKinky and Cosylosophical and original take on life, to the misfortune of his parents. His wit and originality are uncontested, matched by his parents’ patience and the talent of his creators, the mother and son duo Dominique Roques and Alexis Dormal.

Another pair of siblings – the mischievous twins Kinky and Cosy, are the notorious stars of the homonymous collection of strips. They talk less than Pico and Anna, they act instead! Making a victim of everyone around them, and sprawling from the imagination of Flemish author Nix.

This second selection of ours is no less ‘action & adventure’-ous than the first one. Here we have the third volume of Djinn, and another hit Ancient Roman series – Murena. This time however, the events take place at a much higher lever – among the ruthless and deadly entourage of the emperor himself. Here again we meet Dufaux on the script, whereas the art is done by Philippe Delaby, who we lost much too soon but whose art will keep us talking about him for a long time.

Yet again by Dufaux and Marini we have a raw tale filled with dark vampire-friendly streets, mysterious bite marks and skin-tight leather – Raptors, who came long before Twilight. Again in the YA area we have Alter Ego – a very originally written series, where each character tells their side of the story in a separate volume, a story filled with inexplicable events and paranormal experiments.   Raptors V1

On a comTyler Cross V1pletely different note, we have something for the lovers of history, big ships, big conquests and very big and bloody battles. In 1066, Tenderini and Weber tell of William the Conqueror and his belligerent accession to the throne of England.

Another title related to real historical events is the semi-fictional Death to the Tsar by Nury and Robin. The story takes place 10 years before the Russian Revolution when the governor of Moscow is publicly considered dead long before he is actually assassinated.
The same author, Fabien Nury, is taking us to a completely different place through the art of Brüno. We are in Texas, in the Fifties, 17 kg of cocaine have been stolen and there is one man, Tyler Cross – a one-of-a-kind noble gangster, who will sort the whole affair out, punishing the bad and rewarding the good.

And another male character, fighting a different kind of battle is the protagonist of Ordinary Victories. Larcenet‘s heart-melting drama tells of a bored photographer who somehow can’t find a meaning in his life, and who luckily finally does, somewhere in the three volumes of this book.

So this is the story of the first 19 titles of the Europe Comics catalog. The next releases are coming on November 25th, led by a very special character – the one, the only, the unique, the irreplaceable superhero of European comics, France’s own, Superdupont!

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