Angoulême 2022: The Return


March 29, 2022

The pandemic seems to be behind us! It definitely felt that way at this year’s Angoulême Comics Festival, which finally took place between the 17th and the 20th of March 2022. Hope you’ve been following our daily diaries on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and here is a little recap of everything we saw and did this year.

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Angouleme Comics Festival 2022 Instagram Stories

As soon as we arrived we made our way to the main festival tent to see this year’s stands of Europe Comics partners Dargaud, Dupuis and Le Lombard. By that point all of the stands were already filled with excited crowds browsing through books and queueing to get signatures from their favorite writers and artists.

Prize Winners

Many books in our catalog were nominate for the Angoulême Prize this year, from which 4 came first in their respective categories.

Spirou: Hope Agains All Odds by Émile Bravo won the Grand Prix (best series.)

Yojimbot by Sylvain Repos won the Grand Prix (young adult.)

Urbex by Dugomier and Clarke won the reader’s choice award (middle school.)

The Keeper of the Little Folk by Carbone, Veronique Barrau and Charline Forns won the reader’s choice award (elementary school.)

Spirou Hope Against All Odds Angouleme Winner Prize
"Spirou: Hope Against All Odds" © Émile Bravo / Dupuis
The Keeper of the Little Folk Angouleme Prize Winner
"The Keeper of the Little Folk" © Carbone, Veronique Barrau, Charilne Forns / Dupuis
Yojimbot Angouleme Winner
"Yojimbot" © Sylvian Repos / Dargaud
Urbex Angouleme Winner
"Urbex" © Dugomier, Clarke / Le Lombard
The Keeper of the Little Folk Script by Carbone, Véronique Barrau Art by Charline Forns Angouleme Angoulême awards 2022
Carbone, Véronique Barrau and Charline Forns, authors of "The Keeper of the Little Folk after winning the reader's choice award (elementary school) at Angoulême 2022
Dugomier and Clarke, authors of "Urbex," after winning the reader's choice award (middle school) at Angoulême 2022

The Aude Picault Exhibition

Aude Picault asserts her style a little more with each new album, between intimate narration and refined drawing. This exhibition at the Angoulême International Comics Festival retraced a discreet path, characterised by the finesse of her line, but also of her mind. After releasing Limited Edition in 2018, Europe Comics will release her fourth long story, Amalia, in April 2022. Stay tuned!

The Christophe Blain Exhibition

The leading author of the new comics, was given a major retrospective at the Angoulême Festival this year. It included original panels from Le Monde sans fin (Dargaud, 2021) which is being released in English by Europe Comics soon, Stay tuned!

The Polish Comics Exhibition

Presenting the works of Poland’s leading contemporary comics creators Including Joanna Karpowicz, Wojciech Stefaniec, Berenika Kolomycka and Paweł Timofiejuk.

The authors signing books for their fans at the Dargaud, Dupuis and Le Lombard stands included the creators behind Blacksad, Juanjo Guarnido and Juan Díaz Canales who has also scripted Gentlemind alongside Teresa Valero, art by Antonio Lapone; the artist behind Noir Burlesque, Enrico Marini; the artist behind Ladies with Guns, Anlor; as well as the creator of The Story of the Velvet UndergroundProsperi Buri. We also had a chance to see Mikaël, who was promoting another love letter to New York, Harlem and many many more, as you can see below…

Juanjo Guarnido and Juan Díaz Canales - "Blacksad"
Juan Díaz Canales - "Blacksad" / "Gentlemind" Teresa Valero - "Gentlemind" / "Contrapaso"
Teresa Valero
Teresa Valero - "Gentlemind" / "Contrapaso"
Anlor - "Ladies with Guns"
Enrico Marini - "Noir Burlesque"
Kid Toussaint - "Elle(s)" / "Magic 7"
Aveline Stokart - "Elle(s)"
Mikaël - "Harlem"
Prosperi Buri - "The History of the Velvet Revolution"
Prosperi Buri - "The History of the Velvet Revolution"

And this was our experience this time at the French capital of comics, we already miss it and look forward to next year’s edition and what it has in store for us!

Header image: The Angoulême Fauve