Ladies with Guns

Part 1

Script by Olivier Bocquet - Art by Anlor

Five women from various backgrounds are brought together by fate to fight as allies for their survival. A retired schoolteacher, an Indian who’s handy with a bow, a young, immigrant widow from London, a brothel worker who’s made off with the till and a fourteen-year-old slave who’s been put in a cage. This unlikely band of adventurers must fight off the violence men resort to when caught in greed’s ubiquitous grip. They’ll do it with arrows, pies, brooms, pots, knitting-needles, and a lethal revolver that becomes even more dangerous in the hands of the sharpest-shooter of them all: a teenager who’s been whipped, locked in a cage and freed only to fall victim to pneumonia. These women have got each other’s backs and don’t take kindly to the worst mankind has to offer.