The Lions of Leningrad

1. I Am Chapayev

Script by Jean-Claude Van Rijckeghem - Art by Thomas Du Caju

On January 27, 1962, a concert at the Maly Theatre in Leningrad is interrupted when a gunman forces his way inside. Upon arrest, at the police station, the former state prisoner recalls the summer of 1941… When the German army began its invasion of Soviet Russia, four children were evacuated to the countryside: Maxim, the son of a senior Communist Party official; Pyotr, the son of writers; Anka, the daughter of a concert violinist; and Grigory, the son of a pilot who was executed for insubordination. But the farm where they were staying came under attack, and the train that was supposed to take them to safety was destroyed by German planes. The four children had to then find their way back to Leningrad through enemy lines, an incredible adventure that would test their friendship to the limit…