Born on 15 February 1973, Alain Henriet fed his appetite for comic books from an early age with the periodical Strange, which he bought second-hand from markets, but also with the Journal de Mickey, as well as various series from the publisher Dupuis, such as "Le Scrameustache" and the "Les Tuniques Bleues" ("The Bluecoats," Cinebook). His first publications were published in the magazine "Brazil," followed by various illustrations in "L'inédit." Around that time, Alain came together with author Baloo to work on a longer story. This led to the first version of a strange tale about pizza, in the form of a black and white comic, of which 600 copies were printed ("Une pizza à l'oeil" in 1996). Alain then won a comic book competition organized by the magazine ‘Spirou.' In his last year of studies, he was juggling writing for the magazine (where he was on work placement) and school. This led to his first strips in ‘Spirou.' After a one-year placement on the editorial team and with school at an end, Alain was free again. Keen on stories of werewolves, he compiled a portfolio and went knocking on the doors of publishers in Angoulême. This led to the series "Le Portail," published by Téméraire, with Olier writing the scripts. In 1998, Alain was again recruited by the editorial team of ‘Spirou,' this time to work on the layout and as a proofreader. Over the years, he has continued to work with the publisher Dupuis, creating the thrilling series ‘Damocles,' and the historical fiction series ‘Bear's Tooth' (both published in English by Cinebook), as well as contributing to the children's series ‘FRNK' as a letterer (Europe Comics 2017).

Country of origin: UK Europe Comics Publisher: Cinebook (UK)