5. Cannibals

Script by Olivier Bocquet - Art by Brice Cossu

Baby Gargoyle and the eccentric Leonard have gone missing. Frank braved the lava to save them, but when the volcano went ka-blam, he couldn’t make it through. The aftermath of the eruption finds Frank and his ragtag band of prehistoric refugees floating on a log down a river toward unknown lands and new adventures: an attack from an underwater beast, capture by cannibals, and wildest of all… a visit from Frank’s grown-up self! Scarred, missing fingers, and just as absent-minded, will future Frank be able to save our young hero from making the same mistakes? Dive in as a rollicking new arc begins!

“Volume 5 of FRNK has nearly everything you loved from the original series, plus lots of foreshadowing of stuff to look forward to. Bocquet’s story is just as sharp and Cossu hasn’t missed a step. This is a book that still fires on all cylinders.” Pipeline Comics