Wauter Mannaert

Artist & Scriptwriter

Wauter Mannaert, born in 1978, has a master's degree in film and animation from the Saint Luc Arts Institute in Brussels, which he obtained in 2002. He currently works in the Belgian capital as a graphic novelist, illustrator, and cartoonist. Following his studies, and before turning towards comics, he specialized in media education and worked for years with youth in one of Brussels’ most deprived neighborhoods. In 2015, his graphic novel El Mesías (written by Mark Bellido) was published in Dutch by Ballon, joining the Europe Comics catalog in English in 2017. And in 2016, Mannaert followed that up with "Weegee," published in Dutch and French by Sarbacane and in English by Conundrum Press. In 2019, with Dargaud, he released Yasmina and the Potato Eaters (Europe Comics in English), a fun and colorful tale for all ages.

Country of origin: Belgium Europe Comics Publisher: Ballon Comics (Belgium)