1. Justice and Fresh Vegetables

Script by Pascal Jousselin - Art by Pascal Jousselin

Invincible to the rescue! The one and only true comic book hero is here, there and everywhere! But this is no normal caped crusader. He has the power to traverse time, space… and page, a power he uses to foil the devious plans of evildoers the world over! And as if fighting crime wasn’t enough, there are cats to be saved and corrupt politicians to take on! How will Invincible manage?! Especially with more heinous villains lurking on the horizon… It’s going to be a wild ride, that’s for sure, but if anyone can save humanity, it’s the people’s hero, it’s Invincible! 
Note to the reader: the unique content and spreads of this book were designed for print. This digital edition strives to reproduce the original effect as faithfully as possible.
“Invincible is tagged as “The one and only true comic book superhero.” And when you see the tricks Pascal Jousselin pulls in this book, you’ll agree.” Pipeline Comics
Now available in print from Magnetic Press