Having always been drawn to the world of children, Bénédicte Carboneill, aka Carbone, made the logical choice when it came time to decide on a profession, becoming a teacher. After joining the teaching ranks in 1995, she would go on to become principal before writing entered her life and quickly took over. Starting with publications on education (La Classe Maternelle, Jocatop/Bordas), she soon developed her own publishing house, Pas de l'échelle, which brought together comics and education. Editor and author, Bénédicte began writing for young children and teenagers, including books published by various French-language publishers (Fleurus, Larousse, Mijade). In 2015, she tried her hand as a comics author with Le Pass'Temps (published by Jungle), taking on the pen name Carbone. She soon followed with La boîte à musique (Dupuis; The Music Box, Europe Comics), with Gijé, a hit adventure story that has already led to two more series with the same publisher: "Les Zindics anonymes" (Snitches Anonymous, Europe Comics) and Dans les yeux de Lya (Through Lya's Eyes, Europe Comics 2019).

Country of origin: France Europe Comics Publisher: Dupuis (Belgium)