The Last Jungle Book

Script by Stephen Desberg - Art by Henri Reculé

Rudyard Kipling died in 1936. In one of his last poetic pleas, the brilliant creator of “The Jungle Book” invited readers to take another look at his fantastic tales in order to find all the answers regarding the destiny of man.

As a great admirer of “The Jungle Book,” Stephen Desberg has always sought to understand why humanity has been expanding–and growing up–all too quickly. What if Mowgli knew the answer? The little boy of the jungle has now become a grandfather, and Desberg finds him on a train station platform, about to get on a train back to the jungle of his youth, his mind whirring with childhood memories. The aged Mowgli reflects on the landscapes of his boyhood, razed and destroyed by the modern world. The Free People, the wolves, have long since disappeared, but in his soul Mowgli has never forgotten them.

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