Tony Valente

Artist & Scriptwriter

Tony Valente got his start in comics with Delcourt, illustrating the four-part series Les 4 princes de Ganahan, alongside scriptwriter Rapheël Drommelschlager. Once the series was completed, Valente began work on his own project, Hana Attori (Soleil Productions), a result of his manga and anime influences. He next illustrated SPEED Angels (Soleil) together with writer Didier Tarquin, before turning once more to a personal project. The first volume of the French manga series Radiant was published by Ankama Editions in 2013 and was an immediate success, amassing legions of fans in France and around the world. Radiant has even become an animated series, broadcast in Japan, and the reach of the books has continued to grow since its publication in English in 2018 (Viz Media/Europe Comics).

Country of origin: France Europe Comics Publisher: Ankama (France)