The Client

Script by Zidrou - Art by Manolo Carot

There are people who have a knack for getting themselves into impossible situations… Augustin is a man like any other, who tries to escape his narrow existence by visiting El Paraiso, one of the soulless brothels located on the outskirts of a large Spanish city. In real life, Augustin teaches aesthetics to adolescents and tries to impress upon them the beauty of art, until the day he’s fool enough to fall in love with Maria, an Ecuadorian prostitute, whom Augustin is determined to free from the clutches of her captors… Halfway between a road movie and a thriller, “The Client” takes on both contemporary loneliness and the power of the mafia that shamelessly exploits the world’s misery. It is also a love story that, for once, doesn’t end badly.

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