Europe Comics 2018 Highlights


December 21, 2018

Another exhausting but very exciting year is coming to an end, and here at Europe Comics we wanted to take a moment to sum up some of our favorite moments from 2018. It was a fantastic year, with our catalog steadily growing and more European creators crossing the Atlantic to introduce their work to the North American public. We’re delighted to announce that more Europe Comics titles are making their way from digital to print, and some of our Europe Comics “graduates” have even received award nominations. Let’s have a look at some of the highlights of this past year.

New York Comic Con | Bottom row left to right: Joanna Karpowicz ("Sour Apple"), Ana Miralles ("Djinn") and Mateusz Skutnik ("Revolutions") | Top row left to right: Nazeli Kyuregyan-Baron (Europe Comics), Emilio Ruiz ("In Search of the Unicorn"), Valérie Beniest (Dargaud Benelux) and Mikaël ("Giant")

For Europe Comics, 2018 was another year filled with unforgettable EVENTS across Europe, Canada and the United States. For the third consecutive year we took our creators to Comic Con International: San Diego and the New York Comic Con, where we hosted one of our most successful conferences to date: Comics Readers: Who They Are and Where to Find Them. We also made our first trip to Thought Bubble in Leeds (UK), and TCAF in Toronto (Canada), which was also the first stop on Lewis Trondheim and Brigitte Findakly’s terrific tour of Canada.

We also visited Angoulême International Comics Festival, Lucca Comics & Games, as well as the ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans. We’ll be revealing our 2019 destinations soon, so stay tuned to see if Europe Comics will be coming to a town near you!

Left to right: Lewis Trondheim ("Maggy Garrisson"), Nico Naranjo ("The Toucan Patrol") and David B. ("Reading the Ruins") signing in Toronto
Left to right: Christian Cornia ("Brina"), Thomas Campi ("Macaroni!") and Berenika Kolomycka ("Tiny Fox and Great Boar") in New Orleans

One of the ultimate highlights of 2018 was seeing several Europe Comics titles released in PRINT! From the bestselling Djinn by Jean Dufaux and Ana Miralles to the award-winning Portugal by Cyril Pedrosa, here are the titles that “graduated’” from the Europe Comics digital catalog to the print catalogs of Lion Forge, Titan Comics and many other US- and UK-based publishers.

Prague Coup

Speaking of AWARDS, Portugal by Cyril Pedrosa (Eisner award nominee in the Best Painter/Multimedia Artist category) was not the only Europe Comics title to receive a nod from the American public! The Ghost of Gaudi by El Torres and Jesús Alonso Iglesias (originally published in Spanish by Dibbuks) received an Eisner award nomination in the Best U.S. Edition of International Material category as well as the Best European Book nomination at the 30th edition of the Harvey Awards.

This has also been a year of great REVIEWS for Europe Comics titles, and here we invite you to read some of our favorites:

To wrap things up, let’s have a look at our bestselling titles of 2018!




It is an absolute delight to bear witness each day to the growing love for European comics culture, and we would like to thank all our readers, reviewers and publishing partners for another fantastic year! Cheers to an even better 2019!!


Header image: Pico Bogue © Dominique Roques & Alexis Dormal / Dargaud