Cyril Pedrosa

Artist & Scriptwriter

Born in 1972 in Poitiers, Cyril Pedrosa was a huge comic book fan during his childhood and adolescence. At the time he was leaning towards studying science. However, after some trial and error, he ended up taking an animation course at the Gobelins school in Paris, and became a colloborator for the fanzine Le Goinfre. For a few years, he worked as an illustrator for Walt Disney studios in Montreuil (Seine St. Denis), as well as working on the sketches for The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Afterwards, as an assistant animator he worked on the animated feature film Hercules. There he acquired a speed of execution and a sense of movement that would serve him well in the future. His meeting with writer David Chauvel would change everything, ultimately bringing about his conversion to comics. The two of them created the series Ring Circus with publisher Delcourt, and Pedrosa began to take part in various collaborative works from the same publisher. Then, in 2006, his own graphic novel Cœurs solitaires was released by Dupuis (published in English by Europe Comics, Hearts at Sea). Pedrosa has a free drawing style, using his illustrations like a form of writing, favoring long, often silent narrative sequences. In 2007, he once again joined up with Chauvel, with whom he created the series Brigade Fantôme for Dupuis. In the years since, Pedrosa has stayed on with Dupuis to release the groundbreaking graphic novels Portugal (Europe Comics 2015, NBM Graphic Novels in English), Les Equinoxes (Equinoxes, NBM Graphic Novels in English, Eisner-nominated), and, most recently, L'Âge d'or, (The Golden Age, First Second in English 2019).

Country of origin: France Europe Comics Publisher: Dupuis (Belgium)