Europe Comics @ Toronto Comic Arts Festival


April 30, 2019

This May, Europe Comics is heading to the Toronto Comic Arts Festival! This will be the second time Europe Comics brings its creators to TCAF, so if you’re in town, make sure to stop by table #132 to meet everyone, and participate in our various panels and live drawing sessions!

Here is the full calendar of events:


6pm An evening at Alliance Française

7pm  European Panel

With Zé BurnayJoão Sobral (Portugal), David Rubin (Spain), Nora Krug (Germany) and Alexandre Clerisse (France)

8pm French Language Panel

With BessoraJérémie Royer, Stéphanie Hans, Richard Marazano and Yannick Pelegrin


10:15am What’s the Deal with French Comics? @ Toronto Reference Library

Not sure where to start with French language comics? Come to this session and learn about the history of Franco-Belgian and and Québécois comics (bandes dessinées), how they differ from North American and Asian traditions, and what challenges and opportunities exist for this material in our collections. Plus: Recommendations of French language comics for your classroom!

With Maxime Beaulieu (moderator), Nazeli Kyuregyan-Baron (Europe Comics), Alexandre Clérisse, and Sophie Bédard


11am Français et Loin: Contemporary European French Comics @ Forest Hill Ballroom

TCAF is blessed this year to be joined by so many fantastic creators from France and Belgium. Together,  Alexandre Clérisse (Diabolical Summer), Bessora (Alpha), Émilie Plateau (Colored), Jérémie Royer (Darwin), Richard Marazano (Milo’s World), and Stephanie Hans (Die!) will talk about how the Euro-French comics scene shapes their work. Moderated by Philippe Leblanc.

12pm – 1:30pm Alexandre Clérisse and Emilie Plateau signing at booth #132

3pm – 5pm Yannick Pelegrin and Richard Marazano signing at booth #132


10:30am Art of Genre @ Hinton Learning Theatre

Alexandre Clérisse (Diabolical Summer), David Brame (Baaaad Muthaz), Renee Nault (Handmaid’s Tale GN), and Jamila Rowser (Wash Day) discuss mastering and reinventing comics across different genre stories and styles. Moderated by Irene Velentzas.

11am – 1pm Emilie Plateau and Richard Marazano signing at booth #132

2:30pm – 4:30pm Alexandre Clérisse and Yannick Pelegrin signing at booth #132

2:45pm Other People’s Stories @ Hinton Learning Theatre

At the same time that independent comics are expanding beyond the scope of autobio, conversations around truthiness and appropriation are becoming more mainstream. This program asks, how are these things influencing each other?

With Emilie Plateau (Colored), Søren Mosdal (Basquiat), Typex (Andy), Bill Griffith (Nobody’s Fool) and AJ Dungo (In Waves) as they explore! Moderated by Brigid Alverson.

2:45pm Writing for Others @ High Park Ballroom 2 & 3

Writing for yourself is one thing. Writing for an audience is another. But writing for a collaborator? That’s a whole new ball game.

With Vivek Shraya (Death Threat),Jamila Rowser (Wash Day), Richard Marazano (Milo’s World), Andrew Wheeler and BC Holmes (Shout Out) as they discuss the responsibility and balance that comes in writing when someone else draws. Moderated by Glen Downey.

Header image: Jazz Club © Alexandre Clérisse / Dargaud