Europe Comics: The SDCC Debut


June 24, 2016

Boy, do we have exciting news! This July Europe Comics will be making its official San Diego Comic-Con debut with its very own booth (#1220), panels, live drawing events and signing sessions. But let’s take it one step at a time.



There are three major Europe Comics creators from France and Spain making their way to San Diego. First off, we have Mathieu Reynés – the French creator of the sci-fi pearl Harmony, who

is also the Gabriel Hernandez Waltascriptwriter of the mystery-filled Water Memory, and the artist behind the best-selling Alter Ego series. Next up, we have Gabriel Hernández Walta, the artist of the horror hit The Suicide ForestAnd last, but not least, we have Roger – the artist behind the award-winning Jazz Maynard series.

All three artists will be at the Europe Comics booth every day for live drawing and signing sessions. Check out the schedule of their appearances in our brochure! What’s more, we’ll be giving away a lot of e-books and other fun merchandising, so make sure to pass by our booth if you happen to be in town! But if you’re not – not to worry! We’ll also have loads of giveaways and specials happening online to celebrate the occasion! Alter Ego

RogerEurope Comics will also be hosting two exciting panels where European authors will meet with top American authors. The first panel – How Old is Young Adult? – will bring together Mathieu Reynés and the critically-acclaimed American novelist Matthew J. Kirby (Last DescendantsAssassin’s Creed series), where the two will discuss and compare their work, experience and readership, as seen from the two sides of the Atlantic. The panel will be moderated by Brigid Alverson (comics and graphic novels journalistThe Suicide Forest #2 for Publishers Weekly and School Library Journal amongst other publications and blogs).

The second panel – Europe vs USA: European and American Creators Meet – will be hosted by Publishers Jazz Maynard #8Weekly‘s Calvin ReidDuring the panel, Roger, Mathieu Ryenès and Gabriel Hernández Walta will meet with special guests Jason Latour (Southern Bastards) and Andrew C Robinson (The 5th Beatleto discuss their experiences as comics creators working on two different continents.

Stay tuned for more updates!