Gabriel Hernández Walta


After obtaining a Master's of Fine Arts, Gabriel Hernández Walta dedicated himself to children's illustration and painting. Upon receiving the Spanish Injuve award in 2002, he decided to make the move to comics, starting with publisher IDW, producing titles such as The Thief of Always, based on the novel of author Clive Barker. Alongside author El Torres, Hernández Walta went on to create The Veil (Dibbuks in Spanish,Europe Comics in English) and The Suicide Forest (Dibbuks in Spanish, Europe Comics in English). The artist has also illustrated The Werewolf of Fever Swamp for Scholastic, as well as several fill-ins for Marvel Comics (New Mutants, X-Men), and a few short stories for DC Comics.

Country of origin: Spain Europe Comics Publisher: DIBBUKS EDICIONES (Spain)