The Bleiberg Project

Script by David S. Khara Serge Le Tendre - Art by Frédéric Peynet

Germany, 1924. Hitler is in jail after his failed coup d’état. Two visitors come to offer him a deal: a mysterious and powerful consortium is willing to give him the means to rise to power. Once he’s reached his goal, there will be just one condition: he will have to implement scientific research programs in military, industrial and, especially, medical domains… In present-day United States, a depressed, alcoholic young New York trader gets a visit from two army emissaries. His father, a high-ranking officer of the US Air Force, has just died under mysterious circumstances. Born during the darkest hours of history, a terrible plot now unfurls, threatening the entire human race. Is it too late to stop it? This is an adaptation of the novel by David S. Khara.

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