Matthieu Bonhomme

Artist & Scriptwriter

Matthieu Bonhomme was born in Paris on June 17th, 1973. He was soon spending much of his free time drawing and, in his final years at school, he studied for a vocational qualification in art and design, gained in 1992. His encounter with Christian Rossi, and then Serge Le Tendre and Jean-Claude Mézières, was decisive. Matthieu spent the next five years learning from them, receiving valuable advice about the profession in all its many forms. He put this advice into practice when he embarked on various pieces of work (cartoons and illustrations) for several magazines such as Spirou, Je Bouquine, Grain de soleil, Maximum, D-Lire, Image Doc, and others. Working with Jean-Michel Darlot, he then produced a 46-page work which was published in Okapi between January and April 2000, some smaller pieces of illustration work for the publisher Nathan, plus a book, Contes et récits de la conquête de l'ouest, in 2000, with author Christophe Lambert. His next decisive encounter, at the Atelier des Vosges, was with Fabien Vehlmann, who wrote for him The Marquis of Anaon (Dargaud/Cinebook 2002). In 2002, he also started the adventure series Esteban (Dargaud/Europe Comics 2015). More recently, his spin-off of the classic series Lucky Luke, The Man Who Shot Lucky Luke, proved to be a smashing success with critics and readers alike (Lucky Comics 2016, Europe Comics in English 2016). And in 2018, alongside Fabien Nury, he began the historical fiction series Charlotte Impératrice (Dargaud; Empress Charlotte, Europe Comics).

Country of origin: France Europe Comics Publisher: Dargaud (France)