Bénédicte Gourdon


Bénédicte Gourdon has always loved stories: listening to them, seeing them, telling them. Her work as a psychologist for the deaf at the University Hospital of Bordeaux led her to create the collection Signes (published by Thierry Magnier). Resulting from her encounters and from shared emotions, her books deal with various themes and talk about life with tenderness and kindness. She currently lives in Bordeaux, near the banks of the Garonne River, in a neighborhood where many cultures, traditions, and influences coexist. Over the years she has also tried her hand as a comics author, notably co-writing the script for the first volume of the drama series Le Maître chocolatier (Le Lombard; The Master Chocolatier, Europe Comics) in 2019, alongside author Éric Corbeyran and artist Chetville.

Country of origin: France Europe Comics Publisher: Le Lombard (Belgium)