Lou Lubie

Artist & Scriptwriter

Lou Lubie is originally from Reunion Island, where she published her first five books: two novels for younger readers, and three comic books. In 2008, she founded the Forum Dessiné, a community website that allows artists of all origins and skill levels to create digital comics together. In 2016, she published Goupil ou face, a popular science comic book that humorously explains cyclothymia, a mood disorder. In 2019, her collaborative experience on the Forum Dessiné inspired her to create La Fille dans l'écran, a comic book co-written and co-illustrated with Manon Desveaux telling the story of a long-distance relationship. The graphic novel is unique for its atypical format: each author draws a character on the opposite page, thus allowing their parallel lives to unfold. The graphic novel L'Homme de la situation is her eighth book (Dupuis 2021; The Man for the Job, Europe Comics).

Country of origin: Belgium Europe Comics Publisher: Dupuis (Belgium)