Tangier in the Rain

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In 1912, Matisse is feeling a little fed up. In Paris, Picasso is hogging the
limelight, so Matisse decides it’s time for some fresh air, a little space, and a
different kind of light. That’s it, he’ll cross the Mediterranean and start painting
a new kind of nature. He’s going to
Tangier. Problem is, when he finally gets there, it starts raining.
In Villa de France, his palatial hotel looking down over Tangier, he has to
make do with painting what he can: his bedroom. And so it begins: Room 35
is consigned to canvas, in a series that goes on to become legendary in art history.

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  • Booktype Graphic novel
  • Genre(s) Biography & Memoirs
  • Age rating 12+
  • Series complete
  • Publisher Dargaud (France)

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