“The Golden Age” by Cyril Pedrosa and Roxanne Moreil


July 5, 2018

This summer, discover The Golden Age by Cyril Pedrosa and Roxanne Moreil, one chapter per week, before the book is released on September 7!!! You can read it in English, French, Italian or Spanish by selecting the language in the top right corner of the player.

Legend tells of a Golden Age, “when the valleys and mountains were not constrained by walls.

When men would come and go as they pleased…”

But those days are long gone.

The kingdom has been stricken by famine and is plagued by the corruption of the lords of the court. When the old king dies, his daughter, Tilda, prepares to take the throne and succeed him. With the support of the wise Tankred and the loyal Bertil, her closest counselors and friends, she intends to carry out the reforms needed to relieve her people of their misery. But a plot led by her younger brother suddenly condemns her to exile.

Guided by strange visions, Tilda decides to take back her kingdom with the help of her two companions. Thus begins a long journey in which their fate will become intertwined with “The Golden Age.” More than just a legend, much more than an account of free men and their struggle, it’s a lost book with power enough to change the world.