Wallace was born in Normandy in 1967. After studying accounting, he became a teacher, but continued to pursue in parallel his lifelong passion for comics. He began contributing to a fanzine called Tout bulle..., and met numerous authors through interviews and festivals. He soon developed a desire to write his own stories, and came out with Chant des Terres, a two-part tale set in Scotland and published by Paquet. Along the way he crossed paths with Alexandre Paringaux, founder of Zephyr Publishing, and pitched a project called Le vol des anges, a family saga about World War I and some of aviation's pioneers. Following its success, he continued writing for the publisher, creating FAFL, taking place during World War II, and Air Forces - Vietnam. In recent years their collaboration has only grown tighter, thanks to a two-part series with Patrice Buendia called Air America, as well as an ambitious four-author project titled L'Aigle à deux têtes (Wings of War, Europe Comics), teaming with artist Julien Camp on the Eagle subseries, which recounts the story of an American B-17 pilot during WWII; his life is destined to intersect with that of a Nazi fighter pilot, whose story is told in parallel in Adler.

Country of origin: France Europe Comics Publisher: Zéphyr Editions ()