Juanra Fernandez


Having received international critical acclaim, awards at London Frightfest and the Buenos Aires BARS festival for Para Elisa, his first feature-length film, Juanra Fernandez is one to watch. His cinematographic career started at the Cuenca Faculty of Fine Arts where he contributed to various projects alongside his studies. He then took film making classes in Montreal and scriptwriting classes in Madrid. As soon as he graduated as an "expert in cinematographic production," he produced several short films such as El Puente, Con tan sólo un beso and Misercordiam Tuam. He also has a great passion for literature, and has published three novels, for one of which (Mas allá del Elíseo) he received the National Historical Novel Prize. While Le Lombard was publishing his comic book epic Gloria Victus (2014, Europe Comics 2017), spectacularly illustrated by Mateo Guerrero, Fernandez was putting the finishing touches to his second feature-length film, De púrpura y escarlate.

Country of origin: Spain Europe Comics Publisher: Le Lombard (Belgium)