Annie Goetzinger


Following her studies specialized in fashion drawing, Annie Goetzinger was soon published in Circus, L'Echo des savanes, Fluide Glacial, Métal Hurlant and, most of all, Pilote magazine. Her first full comic, Casque d'or (1976 Glénat), won her two prizes at Angoulême festival. After that she illustrated Auroure, une vie de George Sand (Éditions des femmes, 1978), scripted by Adela Turin, and Felina (1979 Glénat), for Victor Mora. She then started her activities in costume design for the theater, illustrations, short stories (for the Fripon collection at Humanoïdes associés) and press drawings, often for Le Monde. She started a highly fruitful collaboration with Pierre Christin in 1980, with La Demoiselle de la Légion d'honneur (Dargaud). The pair went on to produce La Diva et le Kriegsspiel (1981 Dargaud), La Voyageuse de la petite ceinture (1985 Dargaud), Charlotte et Nancy (1987 Dargaud), Le Tango du disparu (2008 Métaillé), Le Message du simple (1994 Le Seuil), La Sultane blanche (1996 Dargaud, The White Sultana 2016 Europe Comics) and Paquebot (1999 Dargaud). Goetzinger and Christin continued for many years to work together on the Hardy Agency series (Dargaud; Europe Comics in English). After releasing the last album of the Portraits souvenirs collection (1992 Les Humanoïdes associés, L’Avenir perdu), with Jon S. Jonsson and Andreas Knigge, Annie Goetzinger paired up with Rodolphe on the script for Marie-Antoinette, la reine fantôme (2011 Dargaud; Marie Antoinette, Phantom Queen, 2016 NBM). In 2016 Goetzinger released another graphic novel based on a legendary life: Jeune fille en Dior (Dargaud; Girl in Dior, 2015 NBM), a work retracing the steps of Christian Dior, the man who would one day be one of the world's most famous fashion designers. Most recently, in 2017 Goetzinger published the biographical graphic novel Les apprentissages de Colette (Dargaud), set to be published in English in 2018 by NBM (The Provocative Colette). Goetzinger sadly passed away in December 2017, but leaves behind her a magnificent body of work and a legion of devoted fans.

Country of origin: France Europe Comics Publisher: Dargaud (France)