Melvile: The Story of Samuel Beauclair

Script by Romain Renard - Art by Romain Renard

Sam Beauclair’s life has hit the skids. He’s late with his second novel, his marriage is on the rocks, and the bank is foreclosing on the apartment. In desperation, he flees to Melvile, a small country town where he once spent idyllic vacations with his novelist father. There he finds work as a handyman, and when a pair of siblings befriend him, he slowly begins to come out of his shell. But is it a fresh start, or just willful denial of reality? Will Sam’s past and mistakes catch up with him, and will he ever escape his father’s shadow?

“Everything about this is a perfect marriage of word and image to move the story along, capturing the weight of life, the weight of expectation, the burden of the past, and sometimes there is a need to burn it all and start again, inspiring in a way that makes this ideal for graphic novel treatment.” The Digital Fix

Now available in print from Pegasus Books