Water Memory

Script by Mathieu Reynès - Art by Valérie Vernay

Caroline has recently separated from her husband. She decides to move with her daughter Marion to the house where she grew up, and which she has now inherited upon the death of her mother. The house stands at the edge of a cliff, near a harbor village.Young Marion, deprived of her own father, seeks to learn more about her grandfather — Caroline’s father — who disappeared at sea 30 years ago. Marion is fascinated by the strangely-shaped cliffs that face the sea. Her curiosity leads her to make friends with an elderly man who has lived a hermit-like existence in his lighthouse since he was released from prison. He confessed to the murder of his wife. But, in the absence of evidence, the courts set him free. Marion discovers that her grandfather and this old man knew each other once. Then, the hermit reveals to her that a curse links his family with the fate of the entire village. And Marion’s own grandfather bore witness to this – before his sudden, brutal disappearance…

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