Gontran Toussaint


Gontran Toussaint was born in 1989 in Namur, Belgium. He discovered comics and graphic novels at a very young age with some classic Franco-Belgian humor and adventure series, and absolutely needed to know how it all worked. Naturally, he decided to create his own stories and print them in comic format. During his teenage years, he discovered some of the masters of comics realism such as Jean Giraud and Hermann, who would have an enormous impact on Toussaint’s work. With an arts diploma, he began to study bande dessiné  at ESA Saint-Luc and proposed his work to various publishers. Renaud Garretta and Laurent Granier, drawn in by his work, proposed that he join them on a new project for Dargaud, Reporter. He followed this in 2019 with the first volume of Louisiana (Dargaud; Europe Comics in English), alongside Léa Chrétien.

Country of origin: France Europe Comics Publisher: Dargaud (France)