Roberto Baldazzini


Born in Vignola, Italy, in 1958, Roberto Baldazzini is known for his imagination. He is considered as a master of erotic comics, thanks to his female characters born in the Italian magazine Blue (such as Ginger & Roger, Angela, and Chiara Rosenberg). In 1982, he published his first comic as a professional in the magazine Orient Express. He then published a number of stories with Granata Press, including Ombre d’Amore, Fixtown and Streghe & Santarelline. He worked alongside Elena La Spisa for Sweet Susy (Kappa) and also was an illustrator in advertising, working for AXE, Salvarani, ERG and TIM. His books are regularly published in the United States, with NBM, as well as in France, with Dynamite. In France, he has also illustrated the second volume of Des Dieux et des hommes (Dargaud; Of Gods and Men, Europe Comics), alongside Jean-Pierre Dionnet. Baldazzini is not only an illustrator, but also an artist, who has exhibited in Italy, in France and in the United States.

Country of origin: Italy Europe Comics Publisher: Dargaud (France)