Corrado Mastantuono

Artist & Scriptwriter

Corrado Mastantuono was born in Rome in 1962. After graduating from the National Institute of Cinematography and Television, he worked as an animator until 1989. Then he decided to focus on comics. In 1990, he participated in the publication of the Italian comics magazine L’Eternauta. At the same time, he started working for Disney Italy. In 1995, Mastantuono revisited the character Yellow Kid, allowing him to confirm his position at the publishing house ComicArt, which the same year published Il Teatro dell’assurdo, a collection of his illustrations. Mastantuono was one of the illustrators of the series Nick Raider (Sergio Bonelli) and also illustrated many issues of Magico Vento. Alongside Jean-Pierre Dionnet and Roberto Baldazzini, he illustrated the second volume of Des Dieux et des Hommes in 2011 (Dargaud; Of Gods and Men, Europe Comics).

Country of origin: Italy Europe Comics Publisher: Dargaud (France)