Richard Guérineau


Born in France in 1969, Richard Guérineau grew up reading the feats of vintage French comics heroes Bibi Fricotin and Bill Tornade. He studied the plastic arts, but ended up focusing on comics. In 1991, he crossed paths with the young scriptwriter Éric Corbeyran. Thanks to their combined work, the aviation hero L'As de pique (Dargaud) soon took off. They then imagined one of the most beautiful spectacles of fantasy in modern comics, Le Chant des Stryges (Delcourt), where Richard Guérineau’s pen strokes gave life to haunting feminine birds. In 2008, the artist then created a western with Henri Meunier: Après la nuit (Delcourt). Richard Guérineau was even audacious enough to draw Christ’s rising body in Le Troisième Jour, before turning to Steve Rowland (Dargaud; Europe Comics/Cinebook in English), a striking episode of XIII Mystery.

Country of origin: France Europe Comics Publisher: Dargaud (France)