Valérie Mangin


Born in Nancy in northeastern France in 1973, Valérie Mangin has always been passionate about history and old languages. It was when she met her husband, Denis Bajram, during a book signing for Bajram’s Cryozone that she decided to become an author. In 2000, she made her debut in the world of comics with Le fléau des Dieux (Soleil), a series of six volumes which was published in twelve languages. Combining history and fantasy, in 2003 she created Petit miracle (Soleil), a two-part series illustrated by Griffo, and in 2005, Luxley with Francisco Ruizgé. One year later, she founded with Denis Bajram a new imprint at Soleil, Quadrants Solaire (which soon became simply Quadrants). Between 2008 and 2012, she took part in several projects including Destins (Glénat), Mortemer with Mario Alberti (Soleil), and Trois Christs (Quadrants) with Denis Bajram and Fabrice Neaud. She then moved on to the acclaimed historical series Alix Senator (Casterman), followed soon by Abymes (Dupuis). Her most recent work is the sci-fi graphic novel Inhumain (Dupuis; Inhuman, Europe Comics), created alongside Denis Barjam and Thibaud De Rochebrune.

Country of origin: France Europe Comics Publisher: Dupuis (Belgium)