After working for a long time in the animation sector, Christophe Gaultier brought his thick, distinctive line to the world of comic books. As much at ease with realism as he is with humor, and with sci-fi as he is classic literary tales, he feeds his eclecticism with a variety of projects. He is an illustrator of energy and of movement, and likes nothing more than the challenge of adapting his style to a text, all the while maintaining the verve of his first brushstroke. His method is a constant balancing act, owing to his decision to cut out the drafting phase. His published works include Banquise (Soleil); Clichés - Beyrouth 1990 (Humanoides Associés); Kuklos (Soleil); "Grise Mine" (Paquet) ; Le Cirque Aléatoire (Treiz étrange); and Gauguin: Off the Beaten Track (Dargaud, 2016 Europe Comics).

Country of origin: France Europe Comics Publisher: Dargaud (France)