Fred Vignaux


Born in Toulouse, France in 1972, Frédéric Vignaux divided his student life between Toulouse, Montpellier and Lille, where he pursued scientific studies, until the day when the comic book virus (which had already been chasing him for a long time!) caught up with him. He naturally migrated to Paris, where he spent time in comic book workshops before finally joining a graphic design school. Along the way, he met Eric Pailharey during a life-size role-playing game, and suggested that he try scriptwriting. After a few short stories for contests and fanzines allowing them to improve their collaboration, they won a first prize at the Igny Comics Festival. Then, they quickly followed up with a full story, L'Ombre des Anciens. The first part of this project, initially planned in three volumes, was published by Pointe Noire in June 2002. Unfortunately, following the bankruptcy of the publishing house, the trilogy couldn't go on. A few commercial comics projects later (including Cassini-Huygens: Objectif Titan for the European Space Agency), he completed the Time Twins project with Jean-Christophe Derrien at Le Lombard. He also illustrated the two volumes of the series L'Appel des légendes at Drugstore and Le Pendule de Foucault with Didier Convard and Éric Adam. In 2014, he contributed to Glénat's collection called Ils ont fait l'Histoire by illustrating volume two, Vercingétorix. Starting in 2015, he began work on Neige origine with Didier Convard and Eric Adam, the prequel to the Neige series. And in 2017, he joined the Thorgal universe, illustrating volume seven of Kriss de Valnor. He followed this in 2019 with L'Hermite de Skellingar from the main Thorgal series (Le Lombard; Cinebook/Europe Comics in English).

Country of origin: Belgium Europe Comics Publisher: Le Lombard (Belgium)