Jean-Christophe Derrien


Jean-Christophe Derrien was born in France in 1971. Though he got a master’s degree in cinema, he holds a deep passion for comics that led him to become editor-in-chief of a fanzine, the Rainbow Warrior. As a scriptwriter, he contributed to animated projects such as Blake et Mortimer, Spirou, Bob Morane, Kong, Xcalibur, Capitaine Fracasse, Frog et Fou Furet, and Skyland. But he also turned to comics to write more personal stories like Time Twins (Le Lombard) and Miss Endicott (Le Lombard; Europe Comics/Cinebook in English), or to take part in collaborative works such as Résistances with Claude Plumail (Le Lombard) and Poker with Simon Van Liendt (Le Lombard).

Country of origin: France Europe Comics Publisher: Cinebook (UK)