Arthus Trivium

3. The Young Captive

Script by Raule - Art by Juan Luis Landa

When Nostradamus entrusts his disciple Arthus with training his son Cesar, he believes their mission a simple one: investigate a village where a rain of blood has been reported. But upon reaching Cucuron to find all the menfolk missing, Arthus realizes the adventure is more than he bargained for. Meanwhile, in Paris searching for a young girl who’s disappeared, Angulus and Angelica come upon a mysterious canvas in the workshop of a famous painter that seems to lead Angelica to another world. The stakes rise for all three disciples as they find themselves separated, each facing their own perils.

”This shocking tale had me dying for the next page. The art left me satisfied and the writing tapped into my love for history and mystical. I’m not usually one for horror-themed works, but this comic made me gasp — and want more.” ComicsVerse