Giulio De Vita


Giulio De Vita was born in 1971 in Pordenone, Italy. A prodigious artist, he started working in advertising at the age of 16. He then worked in the film business before arriving in comics, with Lazarus Led, his first series, and doing a bit of inking at Disney, like many of his compatriots. This experience taught him to comply with the requirements of a given style and to maintain a high level of productivity. These qualities allowed him to explode on the scene when he switched to Franco-Belgian comics, collaborating first with Corteggiani (Les ombres de la Lagune) then Giroud (Le Décalogue, of which he illustrated the second volume), then Swolfs (James Healer) and finally Latour (Wisher). It generally takes De Vita six months to illustrate a single volume—relatively little for this medium—and he likes to take on extra challenges on the side: working as a colorist, pursuing parallel projects or putting his scriptwriting desires on paper. So many paths that allow him to continue to develop his incredible talent, which has already been acclaimed by publishers and readers alike.

Country of origin: Italy Europe Comics Publisher: Le Lombard (Belgium)