Cosmonauts of the Future

2. The Comeback

Script by Lewis Trondheim - Art by Manu Larcenet

After an adventurous first chapter, Gildas and Martina now know they’re not just normal kids living in a normal neighborhood. No: they’re in fact clones! Years ago, a spaceship from Earth crashed on the planet Mawis. And the locals kindly put the victims back together using their DNA, and built around them a city exactly like theirs on Earth! But as it turns out, knowing the truth about their past isn’t much help to Gildas and Martina as they go about their daily life, between school problems and family crises. Not to mention the imminent arrival of a vessel full of space vampires…

Cosmonauts of the Future is a fun and surprising book that deserves a look if you want something in the sci-fi arena that’s a little more humorous.” Pipeline Comics