Cosmonauts of the Future

1. Cosmonauts of the Future

Script by Lewis Trondheim - Art by Manu Larcenet

It all starts in a school playground, and then it moves to a classroom, where Larcenet’s superb graphic camera zooms in on two ten-year-old kids: Gildas and Martina. The pair of them are ever so slightly obsessed with Sci-fi. To the extent they think they’re surrounded by robots and aliens. As far as they’re concerned, their entire world is made up of false appearances, and they’re soon to be the victims of a huge intergalactic plot! You read, you smile, you snigger. But then suddenly, it’s all turned on its head…

Cosmonauts of the Future is a fun and surprising book that deserves a look if you want something in the sci-fi arena that’s a little more humorous.” Pipeline Comics