‘Universal Language of Comics’ panel @ ALA Annual 2017


July 3, 2017

Comics are hugely popular throughout the world and every country has its own unique comics culture. The medium of comics, though, also allows a uniquely universal platform to bridge cultures and explore our common ground. A diverse panel of comics creators and professionals discuss how fan culture and creator processes differ beyond America and how the medium and its fans cross cultural divides. Featuring Marguerite Abouet (Akissi, Aya), Teresa Radice (Globetrotting Viola, The Forbidden Harbour, Tosca), Liniers, Elise Gravel (If Found…Please Return to Elise Gravel), Nazeli Kyuregyan-Baron (Europe Comics).

Cover image from Globetrotting Viola  © Turconi & Radice / Tunue

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