Born in 1973 in Montpellier, Fabrice Caro (known as Fabcaro) was interested in science from early on and earned a degree in physical science before training to be a teacher. He soon stopped his studies however to pursue his first passion: writing and drawing. He got his start in 1998 creating several monthly strips for Le Coca’zine, and by 2002 he had begun to work regularly for a number of publications, including the comics monthly Tchô!, as well as L’Écho des savanes and Fluide glacial. He also contributed to several artist collectives. In 2012 he created Z comme Don Diego (Dargaud), illustrated by Fabrice Erre, and in 2014 he was nominated in Angouleme for Carnet du Pérou (published by Six pieds sous terre). The same year, he took up one of Greg’s most legendary characters with a reboot of Achille Talon, illustrated by Serge Carrère. More recently, alongside Julien Solé, Fabcaro has also produced the monthly page Zeropedia for the magazine Science & Vie Junior, published as an anthology by Dargaud in 2018 (Europe Comics 2019).

Country of origin: France Europe Comics Publisher: Dargaud (France)