European Comics in Chicago


May 24, 2017

Another month – another event in the Europe Comics calendar! This time we are heading to Chicago with the French Comics Association to participate in the ALA Annual Conference as well as other comics events around town. We are bringing one of our favorite creative duos – authors of Globetrotting Viola – Stefano Turconi & Teresa Radice, while the French Comics Association is also bringing a whole array of European comics talent – Guy Delisle, Marguerite Abouet, Jérémie Royer, Pénélope Bagieu & David Etien. For author signings and comics goodies visit us at booth #1229!!!

And here is the list of events to watch out for:


7 pm Comics That Kiss Better: Cross-Cultural Celebration with Drinks, Drawings, and Bande Dessinée @ Sector 2337

With Teresa Radice, Stefano Turconi, Guy Delisle, Marguerite Abouet, Jérémie Royer, David Etien, Ivan Brunetti & Keiler Roberts; hosted by Aaron Reiner.


11 am
 – 4 pm Read More, Read Better: Learning with Comics and Graphic Novels @ McCormick Place, W183a

Panels taking place during the day:

11:00 am –  11:15 am Opening keynote by National Ambassador for Young People’s LiteratureGene Yang.

11:20 am – 12:10 pm The Grammar of Comics: How Teaching Visual Literacy Can Open New Conventions

With Pascal Mériaux, Teresa Radice, David Etien, Adam Elbert & Adan Avarado; moderated by Michael Gianfresco.

12:15 pm – 1:05 pm Publisher and Librarian Talk-back Session

With Philippe Ostermann (Dargaud), Olivier Jalabert (Glénat), Nazeli Kyuregyan-Baron (Europe Comics), Robin Herrera (Oni Press); moderated by Meg Lemke.

1:10 pm – 2:00 pm Problem Solving: Teaching STEM with Comics

With Jeremie Royer, Mike Espinos & Jim McClain; moderated by Gene Yang.

2:05 pm – 2.55 pm Books That Spark Change: Using Comics and Graphic Novels as a Jumping Off Point

With Marguerite Abouet, Guy Delisle, Russels Guldin & Jason Nisavic; moderated by Eric Kallenborn.

3 pm – 4 pm Meet the Makers

With Teresa Radice, Stefano Turconi, Guy Delisle, Gene Yang, Joe Weiser, David Etien, Jeremie Royer & Marguerite Abouet; moderated by Meg Lemke & Ronell.


9:30 am The Rise of Graphic Novels for Kids in Europe and the USA panel @ McCormick Place, Exhibit Hall – Graphic Novel/Gaming Stage

With Teresa Radice, Stefano Turconi, Vera Brosgol, Mark Siegel (First Second Books) & Marco Ruffo Bernardini (Tunue).

10:30 am Graphic Memoires: How Non-fiction Graphic Novels Bring Real Lives to Life @ McCormick Place, W175b

With Guy Delisle, Pénélope Bagieu & Jérémie Royer; moderated by Meg Lemke.

4 pm Drawn In Europe: The Art of European Comics Comes to Chicago @ CIAO Chicago

Author presentations and signing session, drinks and snacks to accompany the opening of a month-long exhibition.

With Stefano Turconi, Teresa Radice, David Etien, Jérémie Royer & Federico Bertolucci.

6:30 pm Book Lovers Extravaganza @ The Book Cellar, Lincoln Square

With Pénélope Bagieu and Marguerite Abouet.


9:30 am How to Write for Children and Young Adults panel @ McCormick Place, Exhibit Hall – Graphic Novel/Gaming Stage

With David Etien, Marguerite Abouet & Jérémie Royer; moderated by Betsy Bird.

1 pm International Comics – Culture & Creation Beyond America @ Hyatt Regency McCormick, Jackson Park/CC 10AB

With Teresa Radice, Marguerite Abouet, Nazeli Kyuregyan-Baron (Europe Comics); hosted by Tina Coleman.

3:30 pm French Comics on Screen: Film Adaptations of Franco-Belgian Graphic Narratives panel @ McCormick Place, Exhibit Hall – Chapter 1 Stage

With Olivier Jalabert, Marguerite Abouet, Robert Ballantyne & David Etien; moderated by Matt Madden.

3:30 pm Liberties at Work and Creator’s Ownership panel @ McCormick Place, Exhibit Hall – Graphic Novel/Gaming Stage

With Guy Delisle, Pénélope Bagieu, Jessica Abel & Philippe Ostermann (Dargaud); moderated by John Shableski (Eisner Foundation).

Cover photo: Globetrotting Viola © Teresa Radice & Stefano Turconi / Tunué