The Man Who Shot Lucky Luke

Script by Matthieu Bonhomme - Art by Matthieu Bonhomme

Does Lucky Luke know what he’s getting himself into when he arrives at Froggy Town on a stormy night? As in many cities of the Wild West, a handful of men pursue the madcap dream of finding gold. Luke is just looking for a place where he can make a quick stop to replenish his tobacco supplies. But he can’t refuse the
request for help made by a committee of citizens to find the gold that was stolen the previous week from the poor miners. With the help of Doc Wednesday,
Lucky Luke leads a dangerous investigation while facing up to the ruthless siblings – the Bones brothers. In order to mark the 70-year anniversary since the creation of Lucky Luke by Morris, author Matthieu Bonhomme pays tribute with this whole new tale of the adventures of our favorite comic book cowboy.

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