Limited Edition

Script by Aude Picault - Art by Aude Picault

The trials and tribulations of a thirty-year-old woman, looking for the perfect companion and a certain “limited edition” profile. Claire, a nurse, has a whole chain of failed relationships. Finding the right fit is not always easy today. So when Marc shows a little interest in her, Claire jumps on the occasion: settling down as a couple, introductions to the family, life plans… the picture of happiness. The problem is that in the end, Claire is simply not happy. She turns to her friends and her family, and eventually realizes that everyone is living according to a certain idealized standard. This is totally out of the question for Claire; she wants to find HER ideal, not the ideal that is expected of her. With light-hearted humor, Aude Picault deals with themes that are important, painful and essential to the women of today: desire, soul-seeking, joy, and many more. In her simple and delicate style, she offers a gentle critique of the neuroses of modern society.

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