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The histories of the Middle Ages tell us of eight Crusades. However, there was also a ninth—the most ambitious, and the most deadly. Why has this ninth Crusade been erased from history?

Grégoire d’Arcos, the stalwart Christian war chieftain, has succeeded in assembling a new army. This time, he is determined to take back Jerusalem from the hands of the Muslims. He’s counting on the aid of the valiant Gauthier.

But disturbing forces are beginning to stir in Grégoire’s life. The demon Quad’j has not forgotten the pact he made with Grégoire, and Grégoire will have to pay the price. All of Gauthier’s courage may not be enough to save the Ninth Crusade…

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  • Booktype Mainstream Comics
  • Genre(s) Action & Adventure, Fantasy & Esoteric, Historical fiction
  • Age rating 15+
  • Series complete
  • Publisher Le Lombard (Belgium)

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